Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Please check on your sisters - Activist Harrison Gwamnishu appeals to Nigerians as he shares videos of other ladies with man who camped two friends that are currently missing


Activist Harrison Gwamnishu has appealed to Nigerians to check on their sisters. 


He made the appeal while sharing videos of other young ladies who met with Andrew Ochekwo, the deceased man who camped two friends, Celine and Afiba that are currently missing.


In a fresh post shared on his Instagram page this morning, Harrison posted videos of other ladies in a restaurant with Andrew at different times. The ladies could be seen speaking nicely with Andrew while he made videos of them. 


One of the ladies who gave her name as Mercy travelled from Lagos to see Andrew in Aba while the other lady gave her name as Tochi. He made videos detailing what they had eaten in the restaurants, where the ladies were from and where they would be heading after they finished eating.

Harrison also shared a direct message he received from one of late Andrew's victims recounting how she was raped in the anus. 

‘’Check on your Sisters, Girlfriend, Wife, colleagues and friends. Some of these ladies Andrew met are ashamed to speak up because of the backlash they will get.


A girl named Allison ran away from him after she was badly raped and she had to jump down from Andrew’s Balcony and got injured. With the help of the police, that case was CLOSED and Allison paid a huge sum.


While we are still searching for the whereabout of Celine and Afiba, it’s important we talk to our ladies.'' Harrison wrote


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