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Friday, July 7, 2023

Nollywood Actress Oge Aneke Finally Gives Birth To Twins, Reveals How She Survived Six Years Of Agony and Mockery.

 Nollywood actress Oge Aneke has welcomed a set of twins after six years of waiting for another child. The star of Love in a Bit, Endless Seconds and Newly Married, who gave birth to her first daughter in 2017, shared lovely baby bump photos of her twins pregnancy on her Instagram page. Oge Aneke made the news a couple of years back after she revealed her husband married her as a virgin.

Prophet Advises Women to Stop Calling Their Husbands 'Babe' or 'Baby

  During a Live church service, he said "Stop calling your husband 'Baby', That's why you are getting a baby everyday. You&...