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Sunday, October 22, 2023

"How Ishola Jejeloye is Using Nola Adetola Of Itunu-Veritasi Homes To Market His Landgrabbing Proceed"-Mr Ibile's Camp Alleges

In an escalating legal confrontation, the Chairman of Harmony Gardens and Estates Development Limited, Mr. Ibile, whose full name is Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa, has leveled allegations of misconduct and land grabbing against Lagos State Task Force Chairman, CSP Ishola Jejeloye. This ongoing land dispute revolves around the contentious Eyin-Osa resettlement, pitting Mr. Ibile against Murphy Adebare Topaz, Nola Adetola of Itunu Veritasi, and CSP Ishola Jejeloye, who are alleged to be using their influence and authority to secure land fraudulently.

Friday, September 29, 2023

How Babatunde Gbadamosi Paid Alleged Defamatory Expert, Adeyinka Igbinoba To Defame Mr Ibile Exposed In A Leaked WhatsApp Chats


Amid a deluge of allegations and accusations, Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa, popularly known as Ibile and the CEO of Harmony Gardens and Estates Development Ltd., is witnessing an outpouring of support from various quarters. This groundswell of support is based on the mounting evidence and facts surrounding his endeavors against land grabbing. The allegations against him originated from a land transaction dispute that has taken a bewildering turn, revealing a potential smear campaign orchestrated by individuals in the land grabbing business who sees him as a thorn in their side.

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