Monday, May 13, 2024

Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Adron Homes


In every corner of the home, a mother's love abounds,

In whispered lullabies and gentle, soothing sounds.

She's the heartbeat of the household, the light that leads the way,

In her embrace, we find comfort, come what may.

With tender care and boundless grace, she tends to every need,

Planting seeds of kindness, ensuring hearts can feed.

She's the keeper of our secrets, the source of endless cheer,

Her love, a steady beacon, dispelling every fear.

Through laughter and through tears, she stands by our side,

In her warmth and understanding, we find a place to confide.

She's the strength in times of trial, the calm in life's rough sea,

A constant source of love and hope, a guiding light to be.

At Adron Homes, we honor mothers, their unwavering devotion,their selfless acts of love, a testament to emotion.To our staff, clients and partners, we extend our heartfelt cheer.May your love always be near.

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