Monday, June 12, 2023

Adron Homes To Dazzle Customers With Never-Before-Seen Giveaway In ‘Sallah Repete’

 Adron Homes and Properties Limited, Nigeria's leading real estate firm, has announced its annual promotion and discount sales to celebrate the Ileya season, named the 'Sallah Repete' for 2023.

As part of the promotion, customers will receive discounts of 30%, 40%, and 50% on all land purchases, with the remaining balance spread over 30 months for premium estates located in various states across the country, including Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Ekiti, Niger, Nasarawa, and Abuja.

In a statement issued by Olubunmi Akinfe, the Director-General of Sales and Marketing, Adron Homes stated that the Ileya Sallah Repete promo is an annual sales event aimed at providing more opportunities for existing and prospective customers to become homeowners at significantly reduced prices with flexible payment plans. Additionally, the company aims to reward customers with exciting prizes.

"As part of the Sallah Repete Promo, we have a wide range of prizes available for customers who purchase land in any of our estates nationwide," said Akinfe.

He further added, "We will be giving away prizes such as rams, goats, rechargeable fans, home theatres, water dispensers, electric kettles, refrigerators, food processors, vacuum cleaners, bags of rice, cooking oil, gas burners, mini food packs, washing machines, deep freezers, smart TVs, generators, and many more."

The distribution of prizes will take place across the company's offices, coinciding with the spirit of the Ileya celebration for the 2023 Sallah Repete promo.

The promotion will run from now until August 2023 and is open to both existing and new customers of Adron Homes and Properties. Customers can look forward to receiving various gift items from the real estate company.

Akinfe emphasized that the purpose of this gift-sharing initiative is to show appreciation for the support and loyalty of existing and potential customers. He encouraged them to continue their patronage and to spread the word about the ongoing promotion, as Adron Homes believes in the principle of "the more, the merrier."

"We have already witnessed customers picking up their gifts from our offices, and many people are subscribing to our plans. We are extending this opportunity beyond the Sallah period to allow as many people as possible to become homeowners by purchasing land in our estates at the most affordable prices with convenient payment plans," Akinfe added.

Adron Homes and Properties, which recently celebrated its 11th anniversary in the real estate business, has been dedicated to bridging the gap in affordable housing for Nigerians. They have developed state-of-the-art estates with modern facilities, including concrete drainage and roads, recreation parks, security features, streetlights, grocery stores, and other amenities, creating habitable and comfortable living environments for residents.

During their 11th-anniversary celebration, the company reiterated its commitment to transforming the status of more low-income earners in Nigeria from tenants to landlords. Adron Homes plans to achieve this by expanding the number of estates across the country while remaining steadfast in their mission to provide affordable housing.

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